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Sophia's Purpose within SAGE...
Sophia's Purpose within SAGE...

Sophia is a little girl that was diagnosed August 2011 with PNET, one of the most aggressive forms of childhood brain cancer. Sophia showed not only the doctors and nurses how to defy the "laws of medicine" in many ways, but instilled in all that helped her along her path an example of true strength, love and everlasting life.  

Her mother was already a doctor of chiropractic and well educated in vitalistic health prior to Sophia's diagnosis. Despite her mother's previous knowledge in health, a diagnosis like this is something that is on a whole new level and needs countless hours of research. Through Sophia's journey, her mother accepted the task of doing everything that she could to assure her daughter's survival. She was able to do many hours of research and meet several healthcare practitioners, healers, and individuals that guided her and taught her the truth that lies within a diagnosis of cancer.

Thanks to Sophia and her story, her mother created this non-profit organization so that other families in a similar situation have the support, guidance & resources they need in such a challenging time and that it is done so as fast as possible. With many cases of cancer, like with Sophia, time is not on your side... so you need everything else to be!

Our Mission
Our Mission
To give, to love and to serve the children and families of those worldwide that are living with a diagnosis of cancer and are wanting the resources, guidance and support in healing from cancer without doing harm to the body, mind and soul. We will offer this by providing research and resources pertaining to natural methods of healing a life with cancer as well as guiding each family towards the discovery, understanding and hopeful correction within their child's diagnosis.

The organization will provide many tools such as cancer cure checklists, a complete list of recommended supportive wellness products *age appropriate* that increases overall immunity, overall lifestyle coaching, health care professional referrals within oncology and other supporting professions and more in order to identify the different causes and solutions within each individuals diagnosis. There is no one pill, potion or combination of the two that addresses all of the causes and solutions within a cancer diagnosis. It is time that we have an organization that does just that with pure intent and integrity for life!

Another long term goal of SAGE is to incorporate a research division within cancer & DNA. SAGE is also wanting to incorportate a complete, healthful prevention program for others in efforts of avoiding possible cancer diagnosis' in the future.

How We Can Help...
How We Can Help...
SAGE is a registered non-profit organization that is a direct response to the growing numbers associated with childhood cancer and the need to save as many lives as possible through peaceful, healthful and empowering choices. The goal of the organization is to give every option thought of to each family so that they can make the best decision possible for their child. Ultimately health and healing is up to each individual and in the case of a child, it is mainly up to the parents.

SAGE will focus primarily on children diagnosed with cancer, yet will serve anyone who needs and asks for help. No matter what the diagnosis, SAGE aims to provide comprehensive solutions to attain health and peace of mind during such a trying time.

SAGE will soon be registerd as a 501(3)c for those interesting in making donations and obtaining a reciept for tax write off purposes.

Sophia's Story
Sophia's Story
Sophia is a little girl that was diagnosed in August 2011 with PNET, the second most aggressive form of childhood brain cancer. Three days prior to her emergency diagnosis, she merely displayed symptoms of an average cold/flu. Finally on August 28th, 2011... Sophia went into convusions and was rushed to the emergency room. They perfored an MRI immediately and came to us with the results. They informed us how sorry they were to tell us, but Sophia was not going to make it through the night due to a 6cm tumor in the left frontal lobe of her brain. Thankfully a miracle happened and a doctor took a chance. He removed a section of her skull in hopes the inflammation would go down in order for eventual resection of the tumor. It worked! A few days later, Sophia had her first surgery to remove as much as the tumor as possible. The surgery went successfully and we now just had to pray she woke up. The doctor informed us of all of the possibilities we now faced post surgery. He resected her entire left frontal lobe and part of her right. We were told it would be a miracle if she came out of this normally, but he got all of the tumor... click here to read more!
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